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Upselling solutions for the Hotel Industry


HBD Consulting celebrates 12 years!

HBD Consulting celebrates 12 years as a pioneer company and leader in Upselling and Cross-selling solutions for the hotel sector. We celebrate it in a process of expansion and bring unique technological innovations in the sector, and that facilitates the control of KPI's, as well as increases the motivation of the front desk staff, the RevPAR and ADR of the hotels. more ...
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Meet us in ITB Berlin 2018

Yet another year, HBD Consulting will assist ITB Berlin, we will strengthen our relationships with partners and establish new ones that help us grow and improve our Upselling solutions for the hotel industry. more ...
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Nor1 Partners with HBD to Create Global Solutions Partnership

We are extremely proud and excited to partner with and represent Nor1 throughout Spain and the Spanish speaking world,” stated Alejandro Francino, HBD’s CEO. “Adding the industry-leading Nor1 Merchandising and Intelligence Platform to our client offerings not only expands our value to our clients, but also furthers our ability to help our clients enhance their guest’s stay while optimizing revenue throughout the reservation lifecycle and guest journey.” more ...
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Upselling at the Front desk

How we organize room categories implementing Up-selling techniques at the front desk in your hotel are quite important... more ...
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How to implement an Upselling project for your hotel

After 10 year's experience implementing Upselling programs for hotels worldwide, i have noticed a great desire from people to increase revenue thought it, but in some cases, with a little desire to change anything for it, beyond of a completion of a simple training course, once or twice a year.

When I usually face these situations in my programs, my thinking is always the same; "there is no omelet without breaking eggs". more ...
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Sales boards as a motivational tool for your front desk team

They should be located in the back office, those sales boards can be use as a key element for  team motivation, let me explain you in more detail how they should be created: more ...

The sales script interaction with your client at check in

When a customer comes to our hotel, there are some steps to be undertaken by the receptionist to offer both superior rooms and cross-services to achieve maximum effectiveness in our sales, always with a clear focus; "Improving customer experience during their visit", these steps should not exceed 4 -6 minutes at check in. more ...
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Advantages of using upselling and cross-selling techniques

The advantages of using upselling and cross-selling techniques go far beyond increasing the profits of a travel company, regardless of whether it is a hotel, a travel agency, an airline, etc. That is one of the objectives, but experts agree that it should not be the most important. Increasing the level of customer satisfaction by constantly adapting the product or service to their needs should be the main objective. more ...
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Keys to success in front desk upselling

Upselling should not be a program or a project. Nor should it be just a number of sales techniques to be routinely applied. Upselling should be a philosophy. more ...
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Marketing Support Materials

Marketing support materials are things that visually stimulate customers in their decision to purchase a superior room or complementary service more ...
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