Upselling solutions for the Hotel Industry

Sales boards as a motivational tool for your front desk team

They should be located in the back office, those sales boards can be use as a key element for  team motivation, let me explain you in more detail how they should be created: 

  • Location: We recommend in the back office so that all team members can see it. 
  • Objectives: We recommend  to establish three levels of Goals to achieve, and rewarding with non economic incentive to those who reach Those levels, for example:
  1. Who reach 10 units sold win a dinner for two at the hotel
  2. Who reach 20 units sold win a stay for two at the hotel during a weekend
  3. Who reach each 30 units sold win a stay for two at a hotel group (or similar) for two weekend
  • Model: It is advisable to be very creative in designing blackboards, and worked well the same, color schemes, large and visuals are advisable, as always limit is your imagination.
  • Update: Slates should be updated each day.
  • Results: at least maintain the same board for three months