Upselling & Cross Selling Programs for Hotels and Resorts

Our initiatives in ancillary revenue and customer experience are strategically crafted to elevate direct revenues for hotels and resorts while simultaneously enriching the overall customer journey. This comprehensive approach involves the implementation of a robust Upselling & Cross Selling program, encompassing consulting services, specialized training, a meticulously planned support action agenda, result monitoring, and the integration of a sophisticated technological platform seamlessly embedded within the hotels’ PMS/POS systems.

Our programs include



  • Calculation of potential revenue by concept.
  • Definition of objectives.
  • Implementation of a customized incentive system.
  • Creation of Room Subcategories for In-House Sales.
  • Review of supplements for superior room categories for In-House Sales.
  • Development of new products and services to boost internal sales across various departments.
  • Preparation and presentation of a personalized action plan.


Training & Coaching

  • Online course accessible to all through our specialized campus.
  • 100% hands-on in-person training with real-world cases.
  • Development of a sales script for each department to maximize conversion rates.
  • Specific coaching in Upselling team management for department heads.
  • On-site shadow training.
  • Ongoing reinforcement training sessions.


Monitoring & Follow Up

  • HBD Project Consultant assigned to the project.
  • Intensive personalized follow-up and support plan for tracking results and project evolution.
  • Regular visits to the hotel.
  • Monitoring of the agreed-upon action plan.


Technology Platform

  • Regular dispatch of reports.
  • Analytical technological platform tailored to all hotel departments:
    • Front Desk.
    • Food and Beverage.
    • Spa.

In-house onsite training for hotels and resorts

Our courses are fully customized to align with the business model of your hotel or resort and the specific department it addresses. We actively engage departmental leaders throughout the entire process, from planning and material preparation to training delivery and post-training assessment of participants.

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