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A world of enhanced experiences for your hotel guests!

Reflect on this: Are your teams actively driving sales of your products and services across various departments, or are customers merely making purchases?

If you are currently implementing an Upselling program in your hotel but feel that there is room for improvement in the results, allow us to elevate your outcomes in upsell and cross-sell across ALL departments of your hotel or resort (FrontDesk, Food and Beverage, and Spa). Our commitment is to instill a proactive sales culture throughout your entire organization, placing a strong emphasis on customer service and amplifying your direct sales.

WE ARE HOSPITALITY PROFESSIONALS! Hence, our goal is to add significant value to your business. We design courses tailored to your unique business model and are unwaveringly dedicated to the success of your training initiative.

Welcome to HBD Upselling Solutions – a world devoted to enhancing experiences for your customers!

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Alejandro Francino
General Manager, HBD Upselling Solutions


Aspire to be the premier national and international firm in deploying ancillary revenue and customer experience initiatives for hotels and resorts throughout the guest’s stay. Our mission is to augment direct hotel revenues, elevate guest experiences, and fortify team engagement. This objective is realized through a meticulously crafted plan encompassing follow-up and support actions, continuous team training, and the implementation of motivational tools.


Enhancing the competitiveness of the sector through our value contribution in the implementation of Upselling and Cross Selling programs, starting from the moment of check-in and continuing throughout the entire guest stay. This initiative aims to boost the financial performance of establishments, enhance guest satisfaction, and drive increased motivation and training for teams.


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