Boost your hotel revenue with our Upselling & Cross Selling programs.

Uncover the secrets to boosting your hotel's direct revenue with our ready-to-go upselling programs! Dive into the possibilities of our UpsellPacer® platform, where we're not just hoteliers – we're your dedicated partners committed to delivering exceptional results!

Boost your income and create unique experiences for your guests.

Explore our turnkey Upselling & Cross Selling programs, which integrate consultancy, ongoing training, and an intensive follow-up plan to monitor and support results. With our technological platform, UpsellPacer®, achieve increased direct revenue for your hotel and enhance your customers' experience during their stay

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Anticipate your income from additional sales during the stay.

Approximate average monthly income:

202 € - 1372 €


Unleash the potential of our Upselling and Cross Selling programs!

The perfect balance between our technology and the human factor.

Drawing on more than 15 years of expertise in implementing Upselling & Cross Selling programs, we present a cutting-edge platform for meticulous result measurement and program evolution monitoring throughout your guests’ stay. With UpsellPacer, unlock detailed reports, inspire your teams, scrutinize KPI evolution, and seamlessly access all this information through our integrations.

Elevate your hospitality experience with precision and professionalism.

You are only a click away from realizing your hotel revenue potential

We assist you at every department


Upsell Front desk

Is your team committed to selling superior rooms and related services? Enhance your guest arrival experience, increase loyalty, and optimize revenue in this department by creating unique experiences for your customers.


Upsell food & beverage

Assist your team in creating memorable culinary experiences, increase your average ticket, and exceed customer expectations across all your outlets and restaurants… all while measuring premium product and service sales through our platform.


Upsell spa & wellness

Take advantage of the rapid growth in spa and wellness-related services. Empower receptionists, therapists, and aestheticians to promote well-being, boost product and service sales, and thereby increase your revenue.


Conference's & events

Is your sales team equipped to meet the needs of increasingly sophisticated buyers? Provide them with the tools to achieve outstanding results and increase revenue for each and every event hosted at your hotel.

The time to Increase your Revenue is NOW!

Take your ancillary revenue strategy to the next level.

What our Clients have to say

Hear directly from our clients, and what they think of our services
The results obtained in the Upselling project with HBD Consulting were spectacular. In addition to an unquestionable closeness and personalization depending on the type of clients, it is always a pleasure to work with professionals of the caliber of Alejandro Francino.
Javier Vallés
CEO | SH Hotels
"It is a pleasure to have HDB Consulting as collaborators due to the passion and dedication they bring to the development of Upselling and Crossselling. This results in a greater involvement of the reception teams and, consequently, a better outcome in sales.
Javier Costana
Ancillary Manager | Iberostar
At Sercotel Hoteles, we have been collaborating with HBD Consulting for years in the implementation, monitoring, and continuous improvement of our upselling and cross-selling project, which we operate under the concept of Sercotel Experience. Our experience is highly satisfactory, and the professionalism of the entire HBD team is evident in the results achieved. We cannot conceive our sales strategy without allocating a portion to this project.
Javier Tusía
General Manager | Sercotel Hotels
The people at HBD are approachable and understand the business. Their experience has significantly helped us improve our sales. In the field of tourism, there are still many things to discover, and HBD helps us do that.
Felipe Martínez
Director of Operations | Palladium Hotel Group

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