HBD and UpsellGuru Global Partnership Announcement

BLOG / HBD and UpsellGuru Global Partnership Announcement

July 11, 2022

HBD partners with UpsellGuru to form a global solutions partnership, merging technology with customized consulting and training services, providing the hospitality industry with a proprietary and fully integrated 360º upselling & cross selling solution.


June 29, 2022 – HBD Consulting Partners S.L. and UpsellGuru officially announce a mutual agreement and partnership, merging technology with customized consulting and training services while introducing a proprietary “360º Upselling Solution” designed to enhance guest experiences through upselling across the entire guest journey, ultimately assisting hotels and resorts in maximizing and realizing their true revenue potential.


UpsellGuru’s suite of solutions which include: pre-arrival upselling, a front desk tracking & performance enhancer which assists agents to maximize their upsell performance by providing valuable guest insights, motivational and educational tools, all of which will be complimented by HBD’s professional training and consulting services and added access to an Upsell University – online learning and knowledge hub.


“We are excited to work with UpsellGuru, who we believe is well suited and strategically aligned to extend our global footprint and compliment our services while introducing hotels and resorts to a unique and all encompassing up-selling & cross-selling integrated solution supported by customized professional services to increase revenue, motivate teams, and enhance guest experiences during the reservation, pre arrival, on arrival, in-house and post-stay steps of the customer journey,” said Alejandro Francino, HBD Founder and CEO.


Alejandro added “Associating and partnering with UpsellGuru’s is a proud moment for me and HBD, having a well recognized reputation and experience in providing pre-arrival upselling solutions for hotels and resorts across the world, I am thrilled to begin this new journey together with UpsellGuru to create a best-of-breed solution for our clients.”


This new mutual partnership and relationship will provide hotels and resorts globally with a fully integrated pre-arrival, in-house, post stay platform with supporting professional services and tools which include remote and in-house consulting and training.


“We are very proud and equally excited to partner with HBD” stated Karl Schmidtner – UpsellGuru Co-founder and CEO. adding “This new proprietary 360º upselling solution adds immense value to our clients while bolstering our abilities to enhance guest experiences and increase revenue potentials for all our partners”


About Upsell Guru

UpsellGuru provides the most exciting way to offer room upgrades and extra services through a proprietary (first of its kind) bidding based upselling system. With headquarters in Germany, UpsellGuru is well rooted across the globe with far reaching, multicultural team members and specialists who are well recognised as the ‘Gurus’ providing: fully customizable, automated and dynamic pre-arrival upselling solutions to maximize and realize revenue potential for hotels and resorts. Over 1000 hotels across the world have already discovered the benefits of UpsellGuru solutions.


For more information or a chance to experience the upselling magic yourself visit upsellguru.com.


About HBD Consulting Partners S.L.

HBD Consulting Partners S.L. provides world-class training and consulting services and solutions to the hospitality industry. Headquartered in Tarragona, Spain with supporting offices in Dubai and Peru, HBD offers revenue-centric upselling and cross-selling programs for front-desk, food and beverage, spa and wellness, and reservations personnel.


HBD’s programs are focused on increasing the bottom line and KPIs of their clients, are based on state-of-the-art methodologies and learning techniques, are cross-culturally aware and are offered in multiple languages. HBD’s team of experienced former hoteliers has trained more than 25,000 hotel personnel in 16 countries.


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