Upselling and Cross Selling for hotels: increase your income

BLOG / Upselling and Cross Selling for hotels: increase your income

July 11, 2022

How to increase your income with Upselling and Cross Selling for hotels.

Are you in the hotel industry and want an increase in direct revenue from your hotel? Do you want to improve the experience of your clients from their arrival, their stay and in all departments?

To do this, there are two very interesting techniques that, on too many occasions, do not take advantage of what they have. We are talking about Upselling and Cross Selling for hotels.

Upselling and Cross Selling as a marketing strategy

Upselling and Cross Selling for hotels are two marketing strategies that are applied in order to achieve this increase in income through customers already captured and achieve greater loyalty of these with your hotel establishment.

Although both practices go hand in hand, it is necessary to know how to differentiate them. An Upselling strategy refers to the improvement in the contracted service, in this case, for example, in the hotel room. This is an additional sale in which a higher range is always scaled, either by price (a product of greater economic value is offered) or by value (a product that better meets the needs of the buyer is offered). In this way, the buyer will see his needs satisfied in a greater range.

Cross Selling refers to techniques to offer your customers a complementary product or service that is not the same product in a superior range. In this case, the idea is that the client increases the size of his purchase (a spa treatment, a bottle of wine in the room or a late check out).

Objectives of these strategies
The main objective of these techniques is based on improving the customer experience at all times. With its achievement, the income of the hotel establishment will be increased in a continuous way. This is stated by Alejandro Francino (CEO of HBD), who highlights five more objectives:

1.- Increase KPIs.

2.- Optimize inventory management.

3.- Improve the flow of clients to other departments of the hotel or resort.

4.- Improve interaction with the client.

5.- Increase income.

At HBD, through our Upselling & Cross Selling TOTAL REVENUE programs, we guarantee an increase in direct revenue at your hotel and improve the experience of your customers from their arrival, and throughout their stay, in all departments. Our “turnkey” programs , perfectly combine technology, the human factor, the motivation of the teams and the improvement of the experience of its clients.

Currently, we develop Upselling and Cross Selling projects for more than 300 hotels around the world. Do not hesitate, contact us now at our offices at +34 977 74 74 01, or request information without commitment.

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